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bust: $15 (+$10 additional character)
thigh-up: $35 (+$25 additional character)
full body: $50 each

★commercial prices are higher than the listed prices
extra charges may apply if the piece requires a background and/or has complicated details
★visual novel prices here

Message me on  Tumblr , Twitter, or DeviantART if you're interested (note that Tumblr has tendency of eating messages sometimes).
I am willing to draw a variety of things! If I feel that I can't draw what you request, then I will let you know in advance.

I may upload finished commissions on my websites- if you wish for your commission to be private (not posted), just let me know! :)

Commission Completion List:
  1. nemukuri
  2. erebun
  3. froggylucio
  4. nekusakraba
  5. sleepsketcher
  6. raehira
  7. roselii49
  9. narcotize
  10. kkasia
  11. shunkuroichii
  12. blanchefil
  13. purrwitch
  14. lycheeman
  15. slinky444
  16. reina-adopts

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So I made a Tumblr blog.
My goal is for that blog to be where I can post my doodles/drawings/wips/whatever frequently.

The keyword is on "goal," since I very well may forget that I have a Tumblr and/or get too lazy. ;~;
.....So apparently whenever I type a reply through m.deviantart (mobile version of dA),
the reply doesn't actually go through. :|

Sorry about that! D:

As much as I should, I don't feel like going through and typing responses again. OTL
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I know people have asked me multiple times to make some kinda of video tutorial on Vocaloids....
And I kept on forgetting! XDDDD

There's now lots of Vocaloid tutorials floating around on the Web, thanks to the rising popularity of Vocaloids.
Man, I remember when I first started using Vocaloid and since it wasn't too famous, there were only a few tutorials.  orz
Now, there's almost too much.

But if you guys still want me to make something....

Leave a comment here on what I should cover! Like putting in notes, timing the VSQ, etc. The more specific, the better..? XD
Why are you so handsome? ;~;
And why do you look so similar to my friend's older brother LOL.

A fellow Yuyoyuppe fan (who also does the illustrations for some of my covers) just sent me some screenshot pics of Yuyoyuppe.

I've got glimpses of him before when they were showing his Mew's song on Nico, but to have so many other screenshot of him for me to drool at....



I'm even more jealous of meola now. ;~; She gets to work with Yuyoyuppe (and tons of other composers)!
How is everyone? :>
I feel like I've been super inactive especially on dA. D:
I'm have like.... tons of cover requests as well as covers that I personally want to do, so...
No time for "serious" drawing just for purposes of art. DX
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(Edit: SOPA failed, but there's now a new act called PIPA:….
In protest of the act, some English websites will be blacked out later.)

From Leaglem's journal:

"As you may know, the US congress is planning to pass an anti-piracy legislation (SOPA) in one week, and this bill will allow the government to not only block access to websites for US residents, but also to take down any website with one court order. This means many sites we are using now (including dA) will be in danger of closing and this will be affecting everyone outside of the US.
To read more about it, there. Have the wiki article. (wikipedia will close for 24 hours shortly in protest of SOPA, though...)"

From Wiki:
"Opponents say that it violates the First Amendment,[7] is Internet censorship,[8] will cripple the Internet,[9] and will threaten whistle-blowing and other free speech actions.[7][10] Opponents have initiated a number of protest actions, including petition drives, boycotts of companies that support the legislation, and planned service blackouts by Wikipedia and major Internet companies scheduled to coincide with the next Congressional hearing on the matter."

This sort of reminds me of how China blocked deviantART for a while (or still blocking dA) and some of the Chinese users on dA had to find other means of accessing this site. :lol:

What do you guys think of it?

For a while I wasn't sure how dA was in danger because of this Act, but I read the part "...of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement" and realize that there are tons of art thieves a.k.a. those who violate the copyright infringement on dA, and that it's super easy to just upload other people's works here so yeah.... dA will be affected if this bill were to pass.

I think overseas fandom fans would also be hugely affected, especially those like Vocaloid fans that rely on Youtube reprints for their easy access. Reprinting, making your own AMV, writing translations on video, etc. is still technically not allowed on Youtube, but if the bill passes I'm going to bet that YT can no longer overlook those.
I just found out that

So did the leader of Savers, but no one cares about him


I didn't like any of the new Digimon series after Digimon Frontiers, and I certainly don't like Xros Wars for their lame design .... I mean, come on! Psychemon?! That's just Gabumon recolored!!! *rage*
(I did like that they brought back the traditional lead boy design with brown hair and goggles! And I lol at their play on Taichi's name).

I hunted down episode 68, skipped pretty much all the parts to only see the part where Taichi appeared for a brief second.

I felt like a little schoolgirl when I saw him. :iconawwwplz:
I'm so glad that they drew him in the old Digimon style, not the recent styles.

I'm certainly not going to watch all of Xros Wars, but I'm definitely going to have to hunt down episode guides just so that I can watch episodes where Taichi appears. XD
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Happy New Year, everyone! :heart: It's the year of the black dragon!~

How did you guys celebrate your New Years day?

Our family had traveled around a buttload for the past few days, so we just rested on New Years. ^^
We usually go attend the New Years Day church service, but this time we didn't since not only were we tired, but my bro's medical school starts again on Jan 3, so we didn't want to have him be tired. (New Years church service lasts too long and really tires you out... I'm so glad that we didn't go this year LOL .)

Did you set any goals for this year?

I actually don't set any goals since it's always the same as usual. Get good grades, sleep, eat a lot and don't get fat , blah blah.

I wonder if people still believe that the world is going to end at.... what was it, December 21, 2012?
Do you guys believe it?
I personally don't, partially because of my Christian upbringing (that only God knows when the time has come, and that humans can't predict it) and because I don't really believe in that whole Mayan thing. People see what they want to see.

That, and I'll be super pissed that I wasted my short life studying/working to get a job that I won't live to get. :lol:
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Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone! :heart:

I hope you'll get lots of presents and spend a great fun time with your family/loved ones! :)

I for one wanted to spend my Christmas (Eve) with our dear Kevin, but no freaking channel is showing Home Alone FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!
:iconragefaceplz: WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY?
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They did take out my tooth today. :noes:

Now there's this gaping wound in the back of my mouth.
It doesn't hurt that much since my mom made me put ice on it for nearly the whole day.
I also slept nearly the whole day after taking a pain killer. XDDDDD

I'm stuck eating soft foods for several days...
I guess I'll take this chance and try to make cream pasta. o3o

P.S. Mom didn't let me get ice cream. I'm super sad now.
Since my left wisdom tooth wants to see the world, it has poked out. Which causes me great pain. :C

I have an appointment to see the surgeon on Monday, and I hope don't think they'll pull the teeth out on the first appointment.
I hear that after you pull out the tooth, your face swells up and you get lots of pain. :C

Isn't it great that I have to take out all 4 of my wisdom teeth?

I guess I should be grateful that I don't have to take them out all at once.


I think you can view the video even without logging on... You just can't add the comments in the video.

This producer makes not only parody songs, but also godly songs like this.

This song was made in response to those who criticize Vocaloid, saying that there's no difference (if any) between Vocaloids and singers who abuse computer effects (*cough*Kpop*cough*).
He wants to show that with Vocaloid, you can make any type of songs that you want without having to follow the mainstream music.

This song is called "Poem of Thousand Years."
The 16 minute songs is divided into 4 parts that follow the seasons (Spring Dawn/Summer Afternoon/Autumn Evening/Winter Night) and the life of a human, and uses almost all the instruments of the world.

The producer recommends that you listen to this with a full volume.

Yay for SeeU as Ninetails xD

I rather really like this genre of music, something sort of like a fusion between ancient Asian music and modern music. I hope that this producer will make more songs like this in the future because , as he himself said,  there aren't too many Vocaloid songs of this genre.

This song actually wants to make me play Okami again LOL.

Hopefully many more godly Korean producers will use SeeU to create godly SeeU originals. And that way, Vocaloid fans will see that it's not JUST Japanese producers who can make good Vocaloid songs.…

Not only did I want to start a new Youtube account for quite some time, damesuke had asked me to taken down all the reprinted MP3s.
Awesome timing! :lol:

I'm a very lazy person and didn't want to go through all the Youtube videos and mediafire to delete them, I just decided to close down the account.
I love ranting, don't you? :heart:

With the rise of Vocaloid popularity, the number of its fans grew.
And so has the rise of double face-palming moments.


The voicebanks of Vocaloid are just VOICEBANKS.
They're just SOFTWARES.

Hatsune Miku, Gumi, Kagamine, etc. are not real, living, breathing people. They themselves do not and CANNOT compose all the songs!

To say that (insert Vocaloid) makes great songs is to overlook the great composers that actually composed the songs.

Did Miku compose "The World is Mine"?
No, ryo of supercell did.

Did Kagamine Rin compose "Kokoro"?
No, toraborutaP did.

Did Megpoid compose 'Campanella"?
No, sasakure.UK did.

There's a reason why official purchased Vocaloid songs have "(song title) feat. (Vocaloid name)."

1. 'Miku inspires me!'
You mean the COMPOSERS (or perhaps the illustrators' arts) inspire you.

2. 'I want to meet Miku!'
You technically can if you purchase her voicebank. Crypton's Vocaloid concerts are just 3D models programmed to move around and dance on a transparent screen. (supposedly there's a new technology being developed so that people can "see" the 3D models moving with them, but it can only be viewed through another screen.)

3. 'I love Miku's personality!'
Um, just no. What you're liking is the "personality" that the composer "gave" to the voicebank to sing their song. Miku is not kind, bubbly, and cheerful. She's inanimate. If voicebank Miku were to miraculously come to life, there's a great possibility she's one of those high-pitched, mean and nasty girls who use their cute facade to get whatever they want.

4. 'I hate Miku! She's a brat!'
I hate yo mama!

5. 'Miku inspired the song writer!'
Most likely, no. Miku's voice might have given ideas of what songs the composer might want to use the Miku voicebank on, but Miku itself doesn't give inspiration for the songs. I doubt Miku gave UtsuP the inspiration to compose "Diarrhea " or "Constipation of Death."

6. 'Miku's the greatest singer!'
Does it make sense to say that Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter are the greatest painters ever? Does it make sense to say that Maya or Blender are the greatest 3D modelers ever? Does it make sense to say that FL Studio and Cakewalk are the greatest composers ever?


Miku itself did not become famous on its own. The composers (and illustrators) made the voicebank and other Vocaloids become famous.
If composers don't use the voicebank, it doesn't become famous. Like Gachapo-*shot*

Give proper credit and praise to the composers, please! I beg of you!

:iconwhutplz::iconsaysplz: PWEETY PWEASE!

With the coming of a Korean Vocaloid3, Koreans now have a (beta) website that's like PIAPRO and NicoDouga mixed together...

I think.

I'm still getting used to navigating around the website. otl

My crecrew channel:
I'm surprised Vocaloidism or some well-known English Vocaloid community sites haven't covered this already...
Then again.... Vocaloidism never fully covered the whole now-confirmed plagerizing issue regarding... the illustrator (forgot her name LOL) who drew for the PV of "Just Be Friends" and about how she copied other's works almost line by line (but some of the "evidences" are debatable. Other evidences are not.) and used stock images without permission/didn't follow the stock image rules.
(I still rage a little about that since it seemed like Vocaloidism was trying to defend the illustrator a little too much. Just because she can draw well doesn't mean she's innocent. It's like how people always quick to jump to defend pretty people. OTL What a cruel world.)
And I guess Jimmy-thumbP isn't as well known to vast number of Western fans.

Anyway this time fans claim that Jimmy-thumbP, the famous composer of "No Logic," "from Y to Y," has plagerized ART-SCHOOL's "その指で (With That Finger)" in his brand-new Luka song "Live in Dead."

Jimmy-thumbP's "Love in Dead":…
ART-SCHOOL's "その指で":…

Both at same time:…
As with many songs that are claimed to have plagiarized some other song, this could easily be a case where the producer had listened to the song a long time ago, forgot about it, and happened to recall the melody/chords/beat/whatever as he was composing. It happens even with artists who unknowingly copy another artist's pose, design, etc.
Although Jimmy-thumbP admits that he listens to ART-SCHOOL, I don't think he intentionally copied their music. What famous person wants to intentionally copy another's work? I think it's case that I've described above, which happens in real life and has been documented several times(I read some examples in a book but I forgot what the title was lolz).

And comments at Nico are....
Dang, wow.
Some are saying that Jimmy-thumbP should die. Way to overreact much?
Some fans are saying that the haters are seeing Jimmy-thumbP as easy picking, since he's not as famous as wowaka or LiveP, and that's why they're posting such hateful and extreme comments.

Jimmy-thumbP has announced that he'll later delete the video and take a one year leave as an apology to the fans.
So sad... I like Jimmy-thumbP's works. :(
From Jimmy-thumbP's blog:

This is Jimmy-thumbP.

先日ニコニコ動画に投稿した巡音ルカ曲「Live in Dead」が盗作なのではないかという件に関してご説明申し上げます。
I want to explain the plagiarizing issue about my recently uploaded Megurine Luka song "Live in Dead" on NicoNicoDouga.
First, I want to apologize for causing so much trouble.

It's about how my composed song resembles ART-SCHOOL's  song "With That Finger."
Rhythm, arrangement, etc. are claimed to be the same.
I take in these truths heavily and I want to explain the truth.

I myself listen to ART-SCHOOL.
The album that I have doesn't have "With That Finger," but I've listened to the song via sites like Youtube, TV, and radio.
There's no doubt that "With That Finger" was in my head when I was composing.
Though I didn't intentionally mean to plagiarize "With That Finger," I can't deny that the song's structure, arrangement, etc.  was left in my mind when I composed.

Now, I will contact and apologize to ART-SCHOOL.
If they give me a reply, I'll let everyone know.
I'll leave the video and the lyrics up for a while as evidence, and will be deleted later.

In regards to my future activity, I want to make sure everyone know that I'll take care of the issue regarding the song.
I don't know when I'll post a new song on NicoNicoDouga, but I want to leave for at least 1 year.
During that time I'll learn how to compose, and bring back good songs for everyone so that this won't happen again.

To all the fans who encouraged me, to all the audience, I'm very sorry for causing all this trouble.
November 11th is Pepero Day!

Or was, should I say.

Did you guys celebrate it?

I'm going to guess no, since only Koreans celebrate it.
It's a day where you exchange Pepero sticks with friends, lovers, etc.
Now that you know, you should celebrate it from now on  lololololollololol

My older friend and I got together to re-decorate some Pepero and decided to give that to each other since we didn't have boyfriends to exchange with.


We were too lazy to make Pepero from scratch, so we just bought some boxed fat Pepero that they sell specially for Pepero Day, and used that.
We melted some chocolate, re-covered the chocolate parts of Pepero and put sprinkles and whatnot all over~★

Decorating all the Pepero that we bought took 5 hours. orz

Pics if you're interested!…
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Moar complaints! >:3
Aren't you guys so glad? LOL

If you're going to paint some random Chinese characters and Japanese words, do your research!

After buying and eating some delicious food, I was walking back to my dorm and saw a giant new Hummer.
Who had Chinese characters and Japanese words painted on its back window.

My first thought was, "Why would you buy a Hummer?"

That aside, I got close and saw that the person who painted the letters probably had no idea what the characters meant.

If you had gotten a new car, would you paint "death" on the back window?

Of course, there were other characters like "love" and "heaven."
The Japanese letters were covered up by bunch of hearts and whatnot, so I couldn't see that clearly (and I definitely was NOT going to stop and examine that stupid car), but I think "fish (sakana)" was there.

Holy shiz!
Did that person want to die with their beloved car and go to heaven to eat fish?

Or could it be some Wapanese who just wanted to look cool?
Or could it be some banana who doesn't know their simple Chinese characters?

(For those that don't know, "banana" is a derogatory term for Asians who act white.)
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Don't do their research.


Or if they do, they don't even read the facts fully.

What's with people noting me/commenting on Vocaloid videos about how Japanese Vocaloids are the first Vocaloids? What the hell?
If you're going to jump into a fandom, do some background research into it.
That way, you don't seem like an ass.

But at least some people retract their statement when they're corrected by more knowledgeable fans.

This one user had the audacity to link to the Wikipedia article about Vocaloids, and bitched about how I was wrong and that since Yamaha (Japanese company) developed Vocaloids, that Japanese Vocaloids were the first.

The hell?

I don't think that user even read the whole article. Leon and Lola are CLEARLY the very first Vocaloids.


P.S. I think I was too worked up and typed "Vocaloid" wrong on the reply note LOL

P.P.S. Then again, the user who sent me the note is an idiot who complains in all caps when Youtube blocks his videos due to copyright infringement. Yeah, threaten all you want to stop making your videos. Nobody watches them.

P.P.P.S. And then there's the whole Korea vs Japan argument in the SeeU videos... OTL There's so much ignorance regarding Korea!

P.P.P.P.S. Why would you automatically decide to hate something just because it's from another country (in this case Korea)?

P.P.P.P.P.S. I enjoy P.S.s